PTH is specialize in design and manufacture of LED Profiles

Led Extrusion Profiles and LED Components are suitable for residential and Commercial uses for Indoor and Outdoor applications.

The Interior uses for LED Profiles and Diffusers Systems are focus for products as under kitchen cupboard, display shelves, over bathroom vanity and under lower cabinet.

The Exterior uses for LED Plastic Profiles are focus to componets to illuminate garden area and water applications.

LED Lighting Profiles are available also for technical uses in Hotel, Restaurant, Bar and Shopping malls applications. Other uses of LED Profiles are focus for Backlighting Display, Advertisement, Reatil Outlet, Museums, Bus Shelters and Industrial Design applications.

LED Lens, Diffuser and Profiles are produce in Polycarbonate and PMMA and are available in Transparent, Opal and Satin material.

On special request PTH produce Polycarbonate Flame Retardant V0 Technical Profiles for Automotive, Train, Bus and Underground.

PTH on request design and developed customer special shape LED Profiles , LED Extrusion, LED Lighting system and LED Components.


 LED Polycarbonate Clear Profiles 

 LED Polycarbonate Opal Profiles 

 LED Polycarbonate Satin Profiles 

 LED PMMA Clear Profiles 

 LED PMMA Opal Profiles 

 LED PMMA Satin Profiles 


- High lighting transmission

- Optimum diffusion

- High light dispersion


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